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A Hard Money Loan is just one of the available options for real estate funding, but it is the favorite. Charleston Private Lending: Charleston Private Hard Money Investors is a full-service Private Money Lender. We offer investors with instant access to private home loans. With the increasing necessity for additional versatile and creative solutions for purchase, rehab, new development, and bridge loans, Charleston Private Lending stands apart as #1. Our capital manages millions of dollars by which to offer hard money loans. Our mortgages are able to close as quickly as Ten days.

Charleston Private Lending is a unique kind of private hard money lender. We are a portfolio lender that is privately funded and we have control over all the loans we accept, fund and service. We are a in-house group that approve, fund, and service the loans we close. We work with real estate investors, quickly and effectively to finance their ventures. We understand that in today’s banking world; you simply can’t wait weeks or months for traditional financing and must close your real estate loan swiftly. We are here to serve; our clients are our number one priority. Private Money for Real Estate is a very specialized area of the market and demands personal contact. Thanks to our team of market experts, we are more than capable to help with all your real estate financing needs. Let’s get started! Please click below.

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“Big thanks go to Charleston Private Lending!They saved the deal! I recommend Charleston Private Lending whenever the opportunity arises. Thank you again to everyone!” Simone D. Charleston, SC.

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